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The Ideal Roof Asset Management Software Solution
Used by:  Roof Consultants | Roofing Contractors | Facility Managers | Property Managers

RoofManager® is a web-based, full feature database solution used for the management of roof assets, maintenance, documents and contacts. Developed by a committed, stable software company in business since 1994, RoofManager® was created by a team of roofing professionals and experienced software developers over 20 years ago and has become an industry leader through continuous innovation driven by user feedback. Advantages include:

• Ability to consolidate information and enhance communication.
• Real-time entry, upload and access to data by all parties involved.
• Highly streamlines processes saving time and costs.
• Eliminates manual upload and organization of photos with our Mobile Solution!

Relaxed Businessman

Software for Roofers

RoofManager® is the roofing software used by professionals everywhere to save time and money while managing millions of square feet of roofs at thousands of sites and buildings.

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RoofManager Advantages

Data on a Touch Pad
  • Easily Tailored To Customers Needs

  • Increased Sales & Efficiency

  • Easy Data Exploration

  • Superior Tech Support

  • Work From Anywhere (100% Cloud-Based)

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